Pre-Teen Plus Camp

Yesterday was a day full of interruptions to “the perfect day of structure.” Moments I felt behind the ball, less than meeting the mark. “Why do I have to change?” I wondered…

God is changing me- He is slowing me- softening my edge- to not feel a need to be in control. All that is good for my internal well-being- but not for
responsibilities such as running my own schedule at home or running a camp where attention to detail brings success.

Lord bring your peace. Allow me to know your love and character as I am in transition. Help me not be angry or prideful. Fill my life with grace (for
myself too).


About wegrowministries

Rhonda Haslett BA, MA in Children’s and Family Ministries. A veteran in ministry to children and teens. Consultant, Author and Conference Speaker Founder of: •, a consultation organization to equip and release ministers •''Pasta Roni & Friends,'' an evangelistic ministry to children and families. She encourages, equips and empowers ministers of both teens and children through consultation, hands on experience as well as her written curriculum and resources. She is a contributor and board member to,Children’s Ministry website. She and her husband are currently youth pastors in Indianapolis, IN where they along with their 4 children reside.
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