Being present when God shows up

Maxx was tightly pressed against my arm as I read much of this “Ring of Belief” chapter. So cute! I paraphrased it as I read so he and I could read “My  Bible” (in his words) together. Near the end as I read, believing in someone means showing up. Maxx asked, “So, Mommy, you wanna play in the “sprinklie” with me.” I paused, pushing my journaling/praying aside for later said, “I’d love to.” He said, “Ok, I’ll go get my bathing suit on.” He dropped everything and took off. A few minutes later, he arrived with his trunks, stripped naked right there and off we went to grab Sophia from her nap. Quicky the girls, who were painting, followed to play in the “sprinklie.” We had a wonderful time! Such a nice summer memory=of course, I grabbed the camera. We snapped a few crazy poses and monkey faces.

Lord, my desire in life is to fulfill all the potential you have called me to- Ministry of course, wife without effort, but especially as a Mom. May my family always know that I believe in them as much as-if not more-No that I believe in them and their potential and see who they are in God even more than I see the potential in others. May I always be present (show up), willing to listen to spoken and unspoken messages and have the wisdom to speak up when I have a word for them.


About wegrowministries

Rhonda Haslett BA, MA in Children’s and Family Ministries. A veteran in ministry to children and teens. Consultant, Author and Conference Speaker Founder of: •, a consultation organization to equip and release ministers •''Pasta Roni & Friends,'' an evangelistic ministry to children and families. She encourages, equips and empowers ministers of both teens and children through consultation, hands on experience as well as her written curriculum and resources. She is a contributor and board member to,Children’s Ministry website. She and her husband are currently youth pastors in Indianapolis, IN where they along with their 4 children reside.
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