S-T-R-E-T-C-H Third Thursdays with Kidmin Mentors


Third Thursdays

With KidMin Mentors



S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G our thoughts with KidMin mentors and peers.


We’ve decided to go where you are!  You said you need support and lack the time; so we’re coming to you. 


You and your team can come S-T-R-E-T-C-H with us and talk about the hottest topics in kids ministry!

We will have facilitated conversation with your answers as our goal for the night.  We have no hidden agenda.  We simply want to help you grow ministries. NO CHARGE- just get yourself and your team there.


Topics on the agenda (in no particular order):

Getting and keeping volunteers                                      What Curriculum? 

Effective Preschool and nursery Ministry                  Personal Balance

Outreach and missions                                                     Seasonal ideas, too!

Knowing what to do when…                                            Effective large group and small groups

Creating and keeping vision for my ministry (leader or volunteer)

Behavior management (for your peers and your kids –go ahead and laugh…)

God’s presence and worship (large or small group ministry)

Partnering with parents / Equipping parents



Times:  Evenings at 7:00 // Day times 10:00 am                                                                

March: (Evening)                                           October (Day)

3/14 Carmel                                                    10/17 Columbus         

(Yeah, we know… Not a third Thurs)                      

April (Day)                                                     November (Evening)

4/18 Indy                                                         11/14 Indy


May (Evening)                                                            December- No Gathering

5/16 Greenwood


June- No gathering                                         January 2014 (Day)

July- Not gathering                                        1/16 Carmel


August (Day)                                                  February 2014 (Evening)

8/15 Indy                                                         2/20 Greenwood


Sept (Evening)                                                            March 2014 (Day)

9/19 Kokomo                                                  3/20 Indy



RSVP and we’ll give you the exact location

RSVP: RhondaHaslett@WeGrowMinistries.com


About wegrowministries

Rhonda Haslett BA, MA in Children’s and Family Ministries. A veteran in ministry to children and teens. Consultant, Author and Conference Speaker Founder of: •WeGrowMinistries.com, a consultation organization to equip and release ministers •''Pasta Roni & Friends,'' an evangelistic ministry to children and families. She encourages, equips and empowers ministers of both teens and children through consultation, hands on experience as well as her written curriculum and resources. She is a contributor and board member to CoryCenter.org,Children’s Ministry website. She and her husband are currently youth pastors in Indianapolis, IN where they along with their 4 children reside.
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